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04 January 2010 @ 08:48 pm
Even a Cat Can Fit In  
Title: Even a Cat Can Fit In
Pairing: Siwon/Hankyung, slightly mentioned!Yehsung/Ryeowook, Kibum/Eunhyuk/Donghae, and Kyuhyun/Zhoumi
Rating: ttal says that it's a 10 out of 10. But it's PG-13
Summary: The day’s meeting is as boring as ever with the finalized product passed around the room with hm’s of approval and disapproval. The usual stiff boring looks of the older men loosened up with eyes gleaming with pure greed the moment their eyes caught sight of the new product. Jongwoon explains, under Siwon’s direction, how this device can be useful in the everyday life in a commoner’s home. Siwon glances over to see that Hankyung and Hyukjae were jotting down notes, like advised, for a reference later on. They made sure to take turns on refilling the glasses of water, but Siwon sourly notes that Hankyung avoided him.
Word Count: 9429 Yes you did read that right... It's crazy long.

Siwon walks towards his office while glancing through the reports Jongwoon barely just passed over to him. Their plans for a new product brought in a swamp of paperwork. Everything had to be taken care of before the upcoming product launch, but that meant dealing with inevitable meetings and constant exchange of paperwork. Stopping in the middle of the hallway, Siwon uncaps a pen with his teeth to mark an error.

“Siwon shi,” He looks up to see Kibum standing there with Hankyung, who was thoughtfully glancing around the room, both held similar paper filled folders, “we’re getting coworkers together for the launch of our new product. Should I add your name to the list attending?”

“Sure.” Siwon’s answer is slightly disguised by the pen cap held in between his teeth, but Kibum walks away understanding. Hankyung takes that moment to glance over at him, nod, then walks away with an icy attitude. Watching him walk away, Siwon frowns around his pen cap.

It’s nothing new, but with a brand new product so close to being launched, Siwon is slightly annoyed with his cold coworker.

Putting the cap back on his pen, Siwon continues to move towards his office. He spots Heechul sitting at his desk staring intently at his computer screen. Slender fingers tap against his chin in thought before moving in to type something. Dark eyes flicker up briefly to acknowledge his presence before settling back on the luminescent screen.

“Any calls?”

“Does it look like it?” Siwon sighs at Heechul’s answer. He instantly knew that his secretary was busy, doing who knows what, so that would be the nicest response he’d be able to get.

“Heechul,” Annoyed eyes flicker up, but suddenly the annoyance disappears the moment they meet Siwon’s cold, hard, unrelenting stare. He knew how his boss got when the launch for a new product drew closer. Everyone knew that the main product manager sat on the edge of his seat at every waking moment of the day. “If you don’t want to lose your cozy little job, of doing nothing, then you better start showing me a reason to let you keep it.” Siwon’s hard gaze pins Heechul to his seat until a small nod is given in response. “Now did I get any calls?”

“No sir,” Heechul quickly answers, “You only have today’s meeting scheduled.” Siwon gives a nod before disappearing into his office. Heechul’s fists tighten slightly as he lets Siwon’s threat wash over him. A reminder of being on his best behavior for the next while flickers through his thoughts.

The day’s meeting is as boring as ever with the finalized product passed around the room with hm’s of approval and disapproval. The usual stiff boring looks of the older men loosened up with eyes gleaming with pure greed the moment their eyes caught sight of the new product. Jongwoon explains, under Siwon’s direction, how this device can be useful in the everyday life in a commoner’s home. Siwon glances over to see that Hankyung and Hyukjae were jotting down notes, like advised, for a reference later on. They made sure to take turns on refilling the glasses of water, but Siwon sourly notes that Hankyung avoided him.

Kibum immediately jumps in the moment Jongwoon is done explaining their new product to delve into it with an even deeper meaning. The looks of greed light up like Christmas lights when stocks and share holders were brought onto the table. The pros and cons were weighed heavily in the minds of each person involved with the meeting because the company was now putting everything on the line with this one project.

“How would this product affect the company itself?” Siwon asks out of nowhere. Every pair of eyes, except for one, stares at him before murmurs of agreements are disbursed in the room. Kibum frowns at him briefly before flipping through his papers. “There’s no point launching the product soon if it doesn’t help the company, we all know this.”

“Of course, Siwon shi,” Kibum answers as he shuffles through his pile of papers. His eyes flit nervously as he searches for the one document that was needed at that moment. Kyuhyun chooses that moment to hand something over to Siwon.

“Sir,” Kyuhyun starts as Kibum stares at him, “if we launched the product now there is a possibility that we’d have to do a recall. To avoid recall, I suggest we have a group of people test the product out to see how it succeeds. We don’t know if it’ll be the next most wanted item in the market, or the biggest flop.” Siwon nods his head as he looks over the document that Kyuhyun had just given him. A quick thankful glance passes between the two assistant managers the moment Kyuhyun takes over with the idea of a test run. Hums of agreement sound for a moment before the room goes silent, all eyes turn to watch Siwon, their main project manager, closely.

“Jongwoon and I will discuss the possibilities of a test run. There won’t be a final decision until our next meeting.” Siwon tells everyone as he stares at the papers in front of him. He begins to stack his papers neatly, cluing that their meeting was almost over with a simple gesture. Thinking about the new project, Siwon looks up at the board members, “I’ll have my secretary send the details for our next meeting as soon as it’s set. Thank you,” Siwon bows, his team members immediately copy him, with that they file out of the conference room as chatter fills in their absence.

“Jongwoon,” Siwon states as he walks down the hall. Jongwoon moves up to walk beside him, matching the quick long strides. “My office, we need to discuss the test run now.” Jongwoon instantly nods his head before falling back to talk to Kyuhyun about his schedule. Siwon ignores them as he moves towards his office, he had to have things settled now or else the company would go into a downfall.

“Kibum,” Siwon suddenly calls out as if remembering something. A hard gaze is turned to Kibum, he instantly know that something isn’t quite right. “Be prepared next time, or else there won’t be a next time for you. Kyuhyun can’t always save your butt while we’re in a meeting with the board members. I’d like to show them that my assistant manager isn’t a complete idiot.” Kibum nods his head. Siwon leaves him to stand there with his words hanging heavily in the air.

“Don’t you think that was a little harsh on poor Kibum? He was only trying to do his job.” Jongwoon states the moment they enter Siwon’s office. Siwon mentally notes that Heechul actually bows his head the moment they walk by before he turns to give Jongwoon a long, hard stare. “Oh, don’t you dare give me that look Siwon.”

“Jongwoon, we’re here to talk about the test run, not about Kibum.” Siwon states as he coolly moves behind his desk. Jongwoon gives Siwon that all too knowing look, the one that tells him that he’s known Jongwoon for far too long. “Stop staring at me like that.”

“Siwon, I get it, you’re stressed because of the new system software launch. We all are, don’t you get it? Nobody knows whether or not things will go well for us.” Jongwoon points out as he moves to sit on the black couch pushed up against the wall closest to the door. “I’m stressed too, do you know how it feels to suddenly come to work and find out that you have a new secretary?”

“You have a new secretary?” Siwon asks slowly. Jongwoon exasperates while throwing his hands into the air before he rambles on about how his old secretary went off to have a baby that he didn’t even know. “Jongwoon, what’s wrong with a new secretary?”

“Nothing’s wrong! It’s just weird for me to leave my office only to be greeted with Ryeowook’s twin pools for eyes that seem to go on forever. There’s something inside them that makes me want to fall into the depths of them.” Jongwoon explains as he gropes the air to make his point. “The high cheekbones, Siwon, he has these cheekbones that are so prominent! I’ve never seen cheekbones like that on anyone… There’s just something about him that grabs my attention.”

“Jongwoon,” Siwon slowly says as he tries to wrap his mind around what’s going on with his partner, “are you in love with your new secretary?” Jongwoon’s eyes practically bulge out of his head as Siwon just simply watches him closely. A blubbering, blushing, gaping fish is what Jongwoon becomes at Siwon’s simple question. Siwon realizes a little bit too late that his friend is indeed infatuated with his new secretary, but that’s the least of their problems.

“The test run, should we go with it?” Siwon suddenly turns all business like. Jongwoon makes grabby motions towards Siwon as he grasps the question head on. “We’ve kept it hidden for so long, but now it’s close to launching it.”

“Don’t you think we need a name for our new product first? We haven’t even named it yet, remember the fear of someone stealing it?” Jongwoon points out only to have Siwon deflate physically. “How about we think of some names now? That way it’s out of the way and we can stop referring to it as “product”.” Jongwoon grins as he moves to sit across from Siwon far too eagerly. Siwon briefly wonders if he’s doing it so that they don’t have to talk about his new secretary anymore.

“What kind of names are out there?” Siwon asks as he leans back in his chair. He rubs his temples in thought while trying to keep everything business like. Only a few more hours to go, when the time came, he’d be able to relax and let things run smoothly for the rest of the night. But for now there was work to get done.

“Apple has things like Leopard and Panther out… Then Windows just came out with Windows 7 recently, it’s said to be better than Windows Vista.” Jongwoon points out as his thoughts slowly began to take over. The two begin to think things over carefully as naming their new software becomes their new mission, a mission that would be useless if their creative juices didn’t start flowing for either of them.

“What do you think of Wookie?” Jongwoon suddenly spouts out. Siwon raises an eyebrow in question as he thinks about the suggestion. The longer he thinks about it, the faster he decides that Jongwoon is a little too head over heels infatuated with his new secretary. Instead of saying anything, Siwon gives his best ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ look. “What? It’s new and it’s sparkles when you stare at it!”

“Ryeowook sparkles when you stare at him?” Siwon finds himself asking. Jongwoon’s blushes as he tries to rid his thoughts of a sparkling Ryeowook. No matter how interesting that would be for him, a sparkling Ryeowook would be too much of a distraction. “Should I worry that you’re in love with someone that sparkles? Don’t tell me he’s secretly a vampire like the Cullens.” Jongwoon sputters at Siwon helplessly before he decides to just give up on denying his feelings. Siwon pretty much has him pinned to the wall at the moment.

“Siwon,” Jongwoon suddenly says as he stares long and hard, “Don’t tell me you, of all people, have read Twilight.” Siwon laughs at him while shaking his head in answer.

“No I haven’t. Don’t worry about that.” Siwon exclaims as he settles in his chair comfortably with a wary smile. “It’s kind of hard to miss the craze over when your niece is obsessed with the books and the movies. She drives me crazy talking about how hot that Edward character is. Well the one she imagined since you know, the actor doesn’t compare to her imagination.”

“I was worried that I’d have to question your sanity.” Jongwoon mutters as Siwon simply stares at him in question. “It’s Twilight Siwon. I’m allowed to question your sanity if you read the books. They’re for teenage girls, not grown men wearing business suits.”

“So? You’re the one that wanted to name our new software after your new secretary.” Siwon shoots back. Jongwoon simply shuts up as he keeps the rest of his retorts to himself. It was for the best to keep quiet since it was Siwon he was starting to argue with. “What do you think of Monku?” The question is sudden as Jongwoon looks up quickly at his coworker.

“Monku? You want to name our product, Monku?” He thinks the name over while trying it out on his lips. “Minku? Monku? Minku…. I like Minku.” Jongwoon says as he looks up to see Siwon giving him a heavy stare. “Monku is good too! I like it! Let’s name it Monku, but I still like Minku. Should we ask for a different opinion?” Siwon nods as he lets a sigh escape his lips before he calls up Kibum. The way Jongwoon agrees with him after a single look doesn’t help either of them.

“Siwon shi?” Kibum asks the moment he answers the phone. Siwon feels Jongwoon just staring at him, waiting for an answer to their all too important dilemma. He rolls his eyes at the way his coworker is acting a little bit overdramatic.

“Jongwoon and I are naming the new software, but we can’t decide which name to use. What do you like better, Monku or Minku?” Siwon says quickly and all businesslike. He hears shuffling in the background and a groan from his assistant manager. “Kibum, while you’re at it, ask anyone else around you too.” Jongwoon frowns at him at the mention of Kibum’s name so he adds “Make sure you ask Kyuhyun, or else I’ll never hear the end of it being a conspiracy against Jongwoon. It’s best to save you the agony of Kyuhyun ranting at you because we both know who Jongwoon goes to when he has a problem.” A frown is shot at him, but nothing is said because it’s the truth.

Kibum sighs into the phone before more shuffling was heard. “Hankyung, Siwon wants to know which name you like more, Minku or Monku?” Kibum asks while Siwon waits patiently. Jongwoon suddenly bounces in his seat impatiently, waiting for an answer. Hankyung says his answer, but it’s too low for the phone to catch. “Hankyung says Minku, I say Monku, Hyukjae is pointing at me so I think that means my choice, and Kyuhyun is calling the two of you idiots, but he’s going with Monku because it’s more masculine. Minku sounds too feminine. Is that all you wanted?”

“Yes, that’s all, thank you Kibum. I’ll let Jongwoon know immediately.” Siwon says, but just before he hangs up the phone Kibum quickly stops as he says, “Don’t forget that you agreed to drink with us tonight. If you go against your word you’ll never hear the end of it from me.”

“Kibum!” Siwon whines unprofessionally into the phone, but it’s too late, the phone was already hung up. “Kibum, Kyuhyun, and Hyukjae all liked Monku. Hankyung liked Minku, so you weren’t completely alone.” Jongwoon pouts as he murmurs quietly that Ryeowook would have agreed with him, but the name is already chosen.

Monku was the company’s new baby until the feedback after its release.

Downing the rest of his bottle, Siwon lets the alcohol slightly impair his senses. Clearly not enough he decides since he feels the responsible side of his brain nag endlessly at him. There’s no reason for him to pay attention to what’s going on around him because he knows what’s going on. Jongwoon’s watching Ryeowook secretly as he down his liquor easily. Kyuhyun’s annoyed because Jongwon’s making it hard for him to text properly with his death grip. As usual, Kibum’s gone wherever he disappears off to, but he’ll turn up at the exact time nobody wants him to. Hyukjae sings along with the karaoke machine with a drunken Hankyung, who happens to be more or less humming along with the song because he can’t quite find the right words.

Siwon watches Hyukjae fall onto Kibum with a gummy smile plastered to his face. There’s a brief thought of when did Kibum return, but it’s not there for long. The grin falters for a second when Kibum says nothing as he roughly pushes Hyukjae’s body away. Siwon catches the mischief in Hyukjae’s eyes as it lights up for a moment as he quietly moves to the side. Something obviously was going on between the two. Siwon notices this as Kibum ignores Hyukjae once again, but it doesn’t last long very long.

“What the-“Kibum suddenly cries out when Hyukjae launches all of his body weight on top of him. Hyukjae grins happily as he locks his arms around Kibum’s body. His hold is tight so that he’s not pushed away so easily this time. “Hyukjae, what is wrong with you?” Kibum asks warily. He doesn’t move a muscle to try and extract the bit of extra body weight on him. It’s almost like he enjoys the physical touch from Kyuhyun’s assistant.

“Kibummie, I’m not doing anything~” Hyukjae singsongs as he rocks their conjoined bodies back and forth. Siwon cringes along with Kibum at the sickly sweet voice. Kibum grumbles under his breath about how Hyukjae’s been spending way too much time with Donghae again because he’s being called by a silly nickname.

Siwon turns away from the two as Hyukjae complains about bringing Donghae into something when he’s not even present to be brought into it in the first place. Instead he watches Jongwoon’s grin at that’s aimed at Ryeowook, who’s shyly ducks his head away, but he’s not quite sure if it’s out of embarrassment or complete shame. Some kind of extravagant fake fortune telling scheme is being set out in a wave of fancy hand motions and heavily slurred words. Siwon watches as Ryeowook looks at Jongwoon as if he’s crazy for a moment before he lets the embarrassment reside on his cheeks.

“Give me another drink….” Siwon tells Kyuhyun, who grins at him as if he has something to say, but decides to just keep it to himself. Whatever is in that shot burns Siwon’s throat as it goes down, but he doesn’t care how strong it is because the next thing he knows another shot is being shoved under his nose. “What in the world was that?” He manages to choke out after both shots are down. The edge of his mind begins to feel fuzzy as the alcohol takes its affect.

“A shot of vodka immediately followed by a shot of whiskey, are you smashed yet?” Kyuhyun says without looking up from his phone. A smile plays on his lips as if he accomplished something on his life’s to do list. His fingers nimbly moves across the number pad quickly typing out a message. That quick moment is chosen for his dark eyes to flicker up to meet Siwon’s, inside the twin dark orbs something unexplainable shines back.

“Where did you get that idea from?” Siwon knows that he should worry a little bit, but he doesn’t. He enjoys the feeling of his brain falling into the fuzzy state of being drunk. Hankyung suddenly breaks out dancing doing the Mister butt dance in a slur of drunken musical notes, Siwon’s attention is caught as he watches the sway of hips in a hypnotizing way.

“From a friend,” Kyuhyun waves his phone a bit before going back to it. He ignores the way Siwon watches Hankyung’s tantalizing dance movements as if he’s being hypnotized. It was best to not question the things his coworkers did when they were on a very happy drunken trip.

“Siwon shi~~” Hyukjae calls out as he drapes himself over his boss. Siwon pulls his gaze away from the tantalizing body as it dances in front of him. “You’re so good looking! Can I take you home?” Siwon’s eyes light up for a moment until he glances back at Hankyung. Mysterious eyes stare back before a smile lazily stretches out into a somewhat knowing smile.

“What the heck? Lee Hyukjae, is two boyfriends not enough for you?” Kibum’s eye brows furrow seriously. A pout forms on Hyukjae’s lips as his grip around Siwon’s torso tightens just slightly. The hand near Siwon’s shoulder drops over onto his chest.

“You don’t love meeee~ Siwon shi does, right?” Hyukjae cries out as his finger absentmindedly trails along his boss’ chest. It can be considered as sexual harassment, but no one pays attention as Hyukjae drapes himself almost completely on Siwon. Kibum tries to extract Hyukjae, but ends up failing miserably when his body falls on top of the other two in an uncomfortable dog pile.

“Hyukjae?” An unfamiliar voice asks making every pair of eyes to turn towards it. Another gummy grin breaks out across Hyukjae’s face the moment his impaired brain realizes who is standing there. Curious eyes trail from the pile of bodies to the empty bottles surrounding the room until understanding takes over. “Kibum, did you let him drink?”

“Donghae ah~” Hyukjae exclaims as he pushes away from Siwon’s body, Kibum falls heavily on top of Siwon with an “oof”. “Donghae loves me right?” Hyukjae asks as he begins to grind up against the new one. A low chuckle escapes from Donghae as Hyukjae is lightly pushed away so that the situation can be dealt with.

“Of course, babe, how about we get you home? Does that sound like a good idea?” Hyukjae frowns as he looks around the room then back to his boyfriend. Slowly, he moves away, not liking the sound of going home at all.

“NOOO~ I want to drink moooore!” Hyukjae cries out, but his more sounds like a moo. Siwon tries to stifle a giggle against his hand at the sound of Hyukjae’s moo instead of more. Kibum slaps his shoulder as his uncontrollable giggles start to shake their bodies.

“Shut it you…” Kibum mutters as he pulls away. He misses the way Donghae latches onto Hyukjae’s wrist with hard eyes. He suddenly hears a small whimper of, “Donghae, you’re hurting me…” A quick glance up shows him that Hyukjae is trying, and failing miserably at trying to pull the offending hand off as Donghae took care of the situation. “Donghae to the rescue….” Kibum mutters as he pulls himself off of Siwon’s body.

“We’re leaving now,” Donghae states as gives an unwavering stare. Hyukjae nods and slumps against Donghae’s body, the two walk out of the room leaving Kibum to gather their things. Siwon continues to lay sprawled out on the floor where Kibum leaves him. His eyes glance around to see that Jongwoon and Ryeowook are missing.

“Where did Jongwoon and Ryeowook go?” He asks making Kyuhyun shrug at him. Hankyung crawls on top of him with a hazy stare and a lopsided grin. Hands grope his chest greedily while legs pin him on both sides. “Hankyung?” Siwon asks slowly until a moan slips out. One of Hankyung’s hands cups Siwon between the legs, his grin stretches out to one filled with pure mischief.

“Ryeowook helped Jongwoon out of here because he couldn’t walk straight. Kyuhyun’s probably going to leave here in a minute too…” Hankyung explains as he glances up, Siwon also looks over to see Kyuhyun stand up and head for the door quietly. A wicked smile curls along Hankyung’s lips as his eyes flick back down to Siwon. His hand rubs at the erection beneath a few layers of clothing, Siwon gasps slightly before a breathy moan comes from him.

“H-Hankyung…” Siwon murmurs, but a finger presses against his lips. Fingers slip underneath Siwon’s pants, wrapping themselves around his aching erection. Another low moan falls from Siwon’s lips as Hankyung slowly moves his hand in a steady rhythm.

“Siwon shi…” Hankyung whispers as his lips graze the shell of Siwon’s ear. Eyes flit slightly as another moan spills out again. “Will you fuck me in your office?” A groan is given back as an answer, Hankyung smirks slightly as he hides it against Siwon’s shoulder. “What do you say, how about we go back to the office so that we can really heat things up?” Siwon groans, he knows that he shouldn’t agree, but his alcohol impaired brain doesn’t care as a yes is hissed out.

Siwon’s not quite sure how they return to the office, he knows that he should worry, but he doesn’t. There’s a patch of skin that catches his eye, he only lets it out of his sight for the moment that it takes to get them inside. Hankyung drags his hands all over Siwon’s body, teasing him while he tries to unlock the door to their company. His brain barely registers that he needs to tap in a code to keep it the security alarm from setting off.

The door swings open as a sound of glee escapes from Siwon’s lips. Hankyung chuckles against the base of his neck, hot and arousing at the same time, as they slip inside. Their eyes scan the empty building, it feels too empty, almost hollow to both of them. The grip on Siwon’s bicep tightens for a moment, he glances over to see Hankyung’s lopsided grin yet again. He instantly forgets how the company feels hollow and focuses on the way his body yearns for the feel of calloused hands touching him. Their things fall to the ground with an echoing thud.

Door swings shut, locks are put back into place, and Siwon pulls Hankyung tight against his body. He tries to catch those teasing lips with his own, but his effort is thwarted. Instead he’s guided towards the stairs, lips quirk in a small challenge. A small push releases Hankyung from Siwon’s grip as he steps up a few stairs, the challenging smile never leaves his lips.

“Race me?” Siwon tilts his head to the side at the simple challenge. His smile takes the challenge head on. Feet quickly move taking steps by twos. Low chuckles fill the air as they quickly race as fast as they can towards Siwon’s office. It’s a close tie when Hankyung skids in front of the door only to have Siwon capture him from behind, chapped lips press hotly against the column of his neck.

“S-Sir!” Hankyung gasps out as he feels Siwon against his body. Something inside him wants to boil over when he feels a hand carelessly roam across his body. Teeth gently nip at his neck as a single arm just holds Hankyung there. “Office sir…” The words sound breathy and needy even to him, but Siwon understands, both of them are close to their breaking points.

The office door unlocks, only to be locked again after they quickly enter the room. Siwon moves to turn the lights on, but stops when he sees Hankyung make his way across the room almost perfectly, he keeps them off in fear of killing the mood. Bodies close in on one another in the darkness. Moonlight spills from the window. Ut provides them with just enough light to see what the other is doing.

“Sir…” Hankyung’s sigh almost sounds like a beautiful song to Siwon’s ears. The way his eyes darken with annoyance is caught in the moonlight, Hankyung wonders about the sudden change, until he tries again with a soft, “Siwon…” Siwon’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise as he hears his name caress the air.

His name suddenly sounds like the song that he wants, needs, to unlock his unloved heart.

Hankyung works quickly and quietly while Siwon sleeps silently. He does everything as quietly as possible to keep Siwon sleeping. He’s still able to accomplish his mission. He rifles through papers neatly stacked on Siwon’s desk using the moonlight to guide him. His brow furrows in concentration as he tries, helplessly, to find the papers he needs.

Glancing up, he watches the peaceful form of the one he’s was stealing from. He can feel Siwon’s hands grazing his skin, carefully touching him, while lips playfully nip at his for a kiss. A shutter runs down his spine as a playful smirk flashes before his eyes.

Reality suddenly crashes down all around him.

Hankyung needs to find those papers now. His signal to go ahead to steal the files was given earlier in the day, he couldn’t, mustn’t let anyone down. Steal the files, get out of there, and make his call to disappear, that’s all he had to do, simple as that right?

“Bingo…” Hankyung mutters as he finds the locked desk drawer. Siwon is a smart man to lock up all important paperwork, Hankyung just so happens to be a little bit smarter. The lock is easily taken care of. This isn’t the first time he’s played the role of faithful coworker to get plans from rival companies.

It is the first time that something inside him falters. He actually likes these coworkers, enjoys their time, but he was from a rival company. Part of him even lik-He couldn’t go there, no matter what, that part had to be shot and buried away. No strings attached to anyone here. That was his plan from the beginning, but somewhere along the way it was lost.

Fingers nimbly search for the folder he wants, but something else catches his eye. There’s a folder marked with names of coworkers, including his. Pulling the file out, Hankyung stares at it. He’s not sure why it makes him catch his breath, but it does. He wants to open it to see what’s inside, but he chooses to bring it along instead. There’s no time for him to be curious.

Hankyung snatches up the folder that’s marked “Monku” in messy handwriting. The drawer closes with a click, he stacks the folders, and he makes sure he has all of his belongings while he quietly disappears out of the office, the building, out of everyone’s lives. They’ll mark him as a traitor. He knows this all too well as he pulls out his phone to make his final call.

No one stops him even though he secretly wishes to be.

Chinese answers his phone call. It immediately tells Hankyung that someone else is with the backup person. He has a good idea on who that other person is, but doesn’t say anything. He sticks with the details that were relayed to him only once almost four years ago, before he met his new coworkers.

“It went farther than I expected, but I got it.” He simply states into the phone. He easily falls back into the familiar language that he grew up. Its three o’clock in the morning, the sun isn’t due up for another few hours. He knows he has enough time to disappear from everyone’s lives.

“Ge…” The voice over the phone says. It’s hard not to miss disappointment that echoes back. “You didn’t go all the way right?” The voice asks him, wary of his answer, but they both know.

“How else do you think I got him to take me back to the company?” Hankyung almost wishes that he had a cigarette to calm his slightly frayed nerves, but he gave that habit up long ago. “Just do your job, and remember not to screw up. You’re there to clean up, not get us into trouble.”

“I know!” The voice huffs haughtily before quickly switching back to Korean for a moment. Hankyung listens to the all too familiar sickly, sweet, fake, innocent voice sooth their company down. The lie is placed down ready to be accepted or declined. It’s quickly accepted as an understandable reason as always, no one ever questions family in different countries calling at wacky times.

“Make sure to give him a kiss for me.” Hankyung teases lightheartedly as he enters his car. Both folders are tossed into the passenger’s seat. A quick change of mind has the folder, with “Hankyung” scrawled too neatly across it, back in his lap. He snorts at the way he gets a “fuck you” back in Chinese, but in a sweet voice. “Love you too…” Hankyung murmurs as he holds the phone between his ear and shoulder as he flips through the information about him.

“What are you shuffling through?” The voice is genuinely curious, as usual since curiosity always led to interesting things for this specific person. It’s why he’s the one to do the clean up afterwards. His curiosity always came off as innocent.

“Shi Yuan keeps a record of the employees he works closely with. There’s one on you too, I saw it, but I didn’t grab it. I did grab mine though…” Hankyung speaks slowly into the phone as his eyes scan every bit of information. Some of it is made up, while being backed up by the people at his company, but other parts are things he never let anyone know about him. Siwon somehow managed to dig up the information about his family, the schools he attended, and where his birthplace truly is. “Fuck! He knows I’m Chinese…”

“Ge,” The voice is hard, almost piercing as it reminds him to stay calm. “It’s just your birthplace. That doesn’t give away that you were going to steal their system software information. You did get all of it right?”

“Of course I got all of it. I kept an ear out to find out whose office I had to steal it from. Shi Yuan holds onto everything before being finalized because Zhong Won* has a tendency to misplace all of the important things. I spent four years there, remember that.” Hankyung says as he tosses the folder into the backseat. Papers scatter as a reminder of what he’s doing, how much it hurts even if he ignores it.

(A/N: No I don’t know if Zhong Won is correct for Jongwoon’s Chinese name, but [Bad username: crazylilazngirl] said that maybe it’s Zhong Won or Zhong Wen. She’s Chinese, I’m not, so that’s the best I can do. xD)

“Good, I’ll text you the coordinates to where you’re staying. Boss called me this morning before I left to go to the company. Stay calm and remember to call me with any problems. I’ll keep you updated with what happens with everyone until there’s an opening for you to hand the folder over.” The phone ends the call automatically as Hankyung starts his car. His GPS system greets him with an automatic voice that offers no warmth of human contact.

The text comes in, only coordinates in the message, as usual. Good lucks are never in these messages, not after a product files are successfully stolen, there’s still more to face. The GPS system takes a moment to think about the fastest way to get where he needs to be, that cold automatic voice tells him to drive straight first, so that’s what he does as he leaves behind his wish to be caught, to be stopped.

No one stops him because nobody knows what he’s been up to for the last four years. The trust and faith in him will turn to hate in a few short hours. By then Hankyung will be long gone, as if he fell off the face of the Earth. His partner will make sure the rest moves on smoothly.

Hankyung dies with a push of the gas pedal. Han Geng greedily takes his place instead, ready to play with everyone. This way it’s possible for Han Geng to feel not even an ounce of regret over what Hankyung has done. The dead Hankyung gets to keeps the friendships he made with everyone and that spark of something extra he just so happens to feel for Siwon. Han Geng has no clue that any of those people should matter to him, so his life moves on with a playful smirk and another job perfectly successful.

The drive is quiet, except for the GPS system as it tells Han Geng to right at the next intersection, all the way to the hotel. It’s away from the city, away from bright lights and noise, hidden down a dirt road that Han Geng happens to miss at first. It’s not bad for a hotel, but it’s the perfect place to hide out until he’s given the okay for his return.

The attendant at the desk tells him that someone is waiting for him in his room as the key is placed into his palm. He thanks the man with a fake smile and continues to find his room. Second floor, far end of the hall, tucked away around a corner. Room 231 is completely to his liking so far.

“I was getting tired of waiting for you.” Han Geng raises an eyebrow in question at the way Henry sits in the room. He never thought that Henry, the boss’ son, was the one that his checkpoint was with. “Don’t give me that look Han Geng. You know that father doesn’t want to screw this up.”

“Do I give you the filess then?” Han Geng asks as he moves around the room. He refuses to spare a glance in Henry’s direction. He was the boss’ son for a reason. Henry Lau was about as conniving as his father when it came to the company. Where his father was conniving because of his greed, Henry did it for his father and the company, while refusing to fail.

“You expect father to accept the important files like those from me when he sent you to steal them?” Henry asks as he laughs in amusement. “Please, I may be his son, but he swears up and down I’m out to get him. No he’ll want the designs handed over directly from you.”

“I’m supposed to hang out here with a folder that I stole mind you, until when exactly?” Han Geng turns on Henry in annoyance. An alarm goes off in his head. It tells him to stay cool because it’s the boss’ son. Henry smirks at him as if he knows that Han Geng is suffering because of this.

“Why Hankyung,” Henry exclaims as he stands up. He slowly circles his father’s employee as that smirk continues to humiliate Han Geng. “Did this company make you soft? That’s no good, no good at all. Father won’t like to hear that his best employee is going soft because of a rivaling company.”

“Don’t call me Hankyung!” Han Geng snaps as he glares at Henry. “I’m not going soft either. Your father took me in when no one else would. I’ll stay faithful to your father, your family, and the company.”

“Good….” Henry says with pleased eyes. “Keep in touch with your back up. He’ll let you know when you can return to the city to give father the documents. I’ll see you around Han Geng.” The way Henry stresses his name leaves behind a warning, loud and clear. He was bound to the company, invisible chains kept him bound to the bitter end. Even if he wants to break them, there’s no change of an escape. Not for him, not ever.

Siwon’s world is brought to halting screech when he realizes that Hankyung, the man he had drunken office sex with, stole all of the files on Monku. All of the important files right out of his locked desk drawer. His first instinct is to check for the files to be saved on the computers the files came from, since his mysteriously caught a virus that wiped out his entire hard drive. There weren’t any other copies because his employees forgot to listen to that lesson to save everything. His stress level shot up to dangerous levels when this broke out. The memories of breathy moans saying his name against the shell of his ear and fingers curling against his waist fueled his stress because he knows it’s his fault.

He almost losses his job when the board members team up against him. All of them blame him for letting this happen, so it’s only natural that he’d get fired. Thanks to Jongwoon, who daringly put his neck on the line for him, Siwon gets to keep his job.

“I had Ryeowook pick up your car again. You really need to stop getting drunk and coming back here afterwards…” Jongwoon says as he enters Siwon’s office. It’s been a little over a week since Hankyung’s disappearance with the all too important company files. He stops instantly in the middle of the room to see that Siwon is tearing his desk inside out frantically. “Are you okay?”

“I have files on everyone that way can I give them jobs they can work with.” Siwon states as his brow furrows. “One’s missing. I didn’t notice it before because we had to start over, but when I updated Hyukjae’s and Kibum’s today, I noticed it.” Jongwoon knows all too well about the folders of information for everyone because not too long ago he asked to take a look at Ryeowook’s out of infatuated curiosity.

“Which one is missing?” Jongwoon asks as he moves closer to the desk. It just seems a little odd that a folder of information on an employee went missing.

“Hankyung’s…” Siwon answers as the furrow in his brow deepens. “I think he took his folder, but why would he do that?” He falls back into his chair as Jongwoon moves to his side. “It’s like he wanted to disappear out of our lives, even the information in the company system is gone.”

“I don’t know what to tell you Siwon. Everyone’s been busy trying to recreate everything we’ve lost on Monku” Jongwoon says thoughtfully as he stands there just staring out Siwon’s window. “I think it’s getting to Ryeowook. The poor guy’s stressed out. He’s just my secretary sending out information about meetings and papers being due on what day for eight hours straight, sometimes even longer. His cousin, Henry I think, has been calling him at wacky hours to practice Chinese in…” Siwon pays little attention to Jongwoon as he speaks about Ryeowook, yet again.

“We should go to lunch.” Siwon states as he stands up from his messy desk. He leaves it like that because he knows that he’ll be back to deal with it sooner or later. A quick going to lunch is shot to Heechul as they walk out of his office, Heechul nods and continues doing what he always does. “Kibum told me earlier that he ordered food and that I couldn’t bail on him. How’s Hyukjae being the assistant for both Kibum and Kyuhyun?”

“Kyuhyun said that Kibum works the poor guy to exhaustion. They’re often found releasing stress through sex in the abandoned copy room.” Jongwoon manages to say with a straight face. Siwon refuses to ask how Kyuhyun knows that kind of information while they enter the break room. Everyone’s sprawled out nursing cups of coffee with no paperwork in sight. Hyukjae just so happens to be sleeping on Kibum’s shoulder as they sit on the single couch occupying the room.

“Glad to see you’re actually eating with us, Siwon shi.” Kibum says with little surprise. Siwon takes his place in a chair while he gives a pointed stare at the empty table. His stomach grumbles angrily at him because there’s nothing to eat. “It should be here in a second, don’t worry.” Kibum adds as he nudges Hyukjae awake. “No sleeping at work Hyukjae.”

“I wouldn’t have to sleep at work if you weren’t so insatiable.” Hyukjae yawns as he pulls himself away from Kibum’s shoulder. “Seriously, are you always this way when you’re stressed? Because I think Donghae should be there when you’re like this. He’s just about as insatiable as you are when it comes to havin-“Hyukjae’s words are suddenly cut off when the delivery guy arrives with a loud and cheerful greeting.

“I bring food for all of you~” All eyes suddenly turn to the tall smiling delivery guy as he moves towards the table. He begins to place the table without really looking at anyone, but his smile doesn’t seem to falter at all. Food’s opened and served to everyone while he makes sure that the food is evenly handed out. Jongwoon actually tries to stop the delivery guy from serving them, but instead a long arm swats him out of the way. “I want to do this for everyone. You’re my first company delivery!”

“Hey Siwon, make sure you get my update from Heechul. I know he likes to mess with my work so I emailed you a copy for when you get your computer back.” Kyuhyun says as he walks into the room, but he suddenly freezes at the sight of the delivery guy. “Zhoumi? What are you doing here?”

“Kiu Xian!” The delivery guy exclaims happily as he stops handing out plates of food in favor of practically tackling Kyuhyun. “I didn’t know you worked here! I’m making a delivery~! You’re proud of me right?” Zhoumi’s smile is incredibly bright at the sight of Kyuhyun.

“You’re making a delivery?” Kyuhyun asks with a small frown. “We didn’t order a stripper though. I specifically told Kibum no strippers because I know it spoils my appetite.” The frown is no longer there as a smirk takes its place. Zhoumi smacks Kyuhyun’s arms, but his smile only softens. “Why are you delivering food though? Don’t you have to work tonight at the club?”

“Nope!” Zhoumi exclaims happily as he goes back to work. A grin is shot over his shoulder as he passes a plate of food over to Hyukjae. “I found someone that made me want to quit working there. I found a job at a Chinese Restaurant this morning. They needed a delivery guy so I jumped onto the opportunity.” Kyuhyun’s eyes widen in surprise at Zhoumi’s answer.

“You quit?” Zhoumi finishes up passing out the rest of the food before he turns back to Kyuhyun. Foreign words roll off of his tongue as it makes everyone look up at him in curiosity. Kyuhyun suddenly pinches Zhoumi’s side making the other make squeal loudly. “Chinese… You only speak Chinese when you’re being sappy or when you want to turn me on. I’m guessing that you’re being sappy since we’re in public.” Kyuhyun mutters as he snatches a wonton off of Jongwoon’s plate.

“What if I said something dirty?” Zhoumi grins as he waggles his eyebrows suggestively. He watches Kyuhyun’s eyes suddenly darken at the thought. Nothing is said for a moment until Kyuhyun tugs him out of the room.

“The abandoned copy room…” Kibum and Hyukjae state at the same as they watch the two leave. Jongwoon shakes his head in slight amusement as he goes back to his food. It takes all three of them to realize that Siwon’s staring thoughtfully at the door. Looks are exchanged quietly as Jongwoon taps on his shoulder, breaking that stare. “Siwon, are you okay?”

“Chinese…” Siwon murmurs as he stares at Jongwoon. “Didn’t you say something about Chinese before we came to lunch?” Jongwoon frowns at the other male slightly while thinking back. Those dark eyes pierce him as if they were trying to read his thoughts.

“Ryeowook’s cousin calls him at weird times. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the day and sometimes it’s late at night. I believe his name is Henry. I remember the last name, Lau, because it’s the same as that company’s owner.” Jongwoon answers as he watches the wheels turn in Siwon’s head. “Why are you asking?” He thoughtfully adds in as Siwon frowns.

“Hankyung’s birthplace is China… He knows Chinese.” Siwon simply says as he gets up, leaving his food behind. Jongwoon rushes after him as Kibum and Hyukjae watch the two leave in states of confusion. There’s only place Siwon wants to be at that point in time as he moves through hallways and people.

“Ge!” Ryeowook cries out from his desk, Siwon can hear him as he moves closer to where Jongwoon’s secretary sits. Wide eyes catch sight of him before something rapidly in Chinese is said before hanging up quickly. “Siwon shi, Jongwoon shi, what can I help you with?” Ryeowook asks innocently.

“Who were you talking to Ryeowook?” Siwon slowly asks as he watches Ryeowook closely. Eyes widen slightly before quickly falling back to ignorant innocence. A head tilts to the side in curiosity while a smile is given. Siwon mentally notes that the muscles near Ryeowook’s eyes don’t react making it a fake smile in the end.

“My cousin in Canada, he’s half Chinese so he calls me to practice. His name is Henry Lau if you want to know that too.” Ryeowook says as he continues to smile that fake smile. Siwon’s slight smirk tells the other that he knows something that he doesn’t. “Is there a problem with me talking to my cousin sir?”

“Ryeowook, let’s talk in Jongwoon’s office now.” Siwon simply says before entering the office. He doesn’t bother with Jongwoon’s confused stare because he has to deal with Ryeowook. The smaller man follows him into the office, innocence still shine through those wide dark orbs. “Jongwoon, get the door.”

“Siwon shi, is everything alright?” Ryeowook asks quietly. Panic flashes through his eyes for a moment, a moment long enough for Siwon to catch.

“Henry Lau huh?” Siwon leans against Jongwoon’s desk as he asks his question. “I find that interesting because I know a Henry Lau too. He’s the son to the owner of that computer game company. Their game is quite popular, BaoBall. He’s half Chinese too. His family moved here from Canada also. Strange how it sounds like we’re talking about the same person huh?”

“Yes it is sir…” Ryeowook deadpans as the innocence disappears from his eyes. Siwon sees that Ryeowook is catching on quite quickly. His eyes are thoughtful as he crosses his arms over his chest. The innocent façade is almost completely gone now. “Should I drop the façade now since it seems like you know?” The question is laced too thick with sweetness, so Siwon nods his head. Annoyed eyes instantly replace the innocent that was there not too long ago.

“Is Henry really your cousin Ryeowook?” Ryeowook scoffs at the question instantly. Jongwoon stares at Ryeowook in surprise. He’s a completely different person now.

“Please!” Ryeowook shoots back with his face twisted in slight disgust. “He’s a good friend, but I’d never want him as family. He’s like his dad almost when it comes to scheming for the company. They like to get other people to do the dirty work. It’s quite ridiculous actually.”

“Were you really talking to Henry?” Siwon asks as he watches Ryeowook sit comfortably in the chair in front of him. A smirk plays along Ryeowook’s lips as he gives an approving look. “No, it wouldn’t be Henry, not if you know him personally and you’re working here. It was Hankyung huh?”

“Ah! You are a smart one!” Ryeowook exclaims as he gives Siwon a small half hearted applause.
“There’s something you should know about Han Geng before I spill our big plan to steal the Monku files. Han Geng’s tied to Henry’s family. They brought him in when no one else would. Unlike everyone else, Han Geng can’t leave the company unless Henry or Henry’s father lets him go. They brought him in as Henry’s nanny, but he grew out of that. So he was given the job to do all of their dirty work. Like tricking someone into sex at their office so that he had easy access to get the files he needs. But don’t worry, you’re the only one that he’s had full sex with, he’s never tricked anyone else like that before.”

“Where do you play into this Ryeowook?” Jongwoon suddenly asks making him turn to face him. Remembrance flits inside of Ryeowook’s eyes as he stares back with a small smile. This time it’s not a fake, it’s genuine, but only for Jongwoon.

“I keep an eye on everything here until its clear enough for him to pass the folder he stole to the boss. I have to keep him updated daily.” His answer simply hangs in the air as everything is thought over. Siwon leans in close as a smile flits across his lips.

“There’s something you should know…” Siwon simply says. His lips move to tell the little bit of information that no one else knows yet. Two sets of eyes wide in surprise as he lets everything fall into place. It was nice for him to have control again.

Hankyung quickly makes his way back into the city. He remembers Ryeowook’s voice over the phone, in Korean, telling him that he had to return to the company as Hankyung. Everything races through his mind as to what will happen afterwards. What he comes to face with though is the last possible he ever imagines in the first place.

Ryeowook’s standing outside of the boss’ office while wringing his hands nervously. Hankyung can safely say that he’s never seen Ryeowook this nervous before. With the folder in hand, he enters the office with his head held high. Instantly he understands why Ryeowook’s nervous. Jongwoon and Siwon are sitting in front of the boss’ desk with the boss and Henry standing behind it.

“Hankyung, there’s been a change of plans.” Mr. Lau says as he motions for him to come closer. “Siwon and Jongwoon want to work with us to make sure that BaoBall works even better with their new system. It’ll be a relief for both ends since it’s a joint cooperation to make everything work.”

“I should thank him though.” Siwon says with a dimpled smile. “I thought about it after he stole our files. Thank you Hankyung, for this opportunity to work with this company.” Hankyung nods his head slowly as he watches everyone closely. All of this feels like a dream.

“Thank you for asking me to this meeting you two.” Mr. Lau says as he stands up from his desk. “I’m glad to work this out and to return what we wrongfully had stolen. Henry and I must go speak with our workers about this new plan.” Jongwoon and Siwon instantly bow in respect to the two as they leave the room.

“That went well.” Jongwoon says as he gives Siwon a bright smile. His smile dims a little bit as he catches Siwon’s gaze on Hankyung. “I’m going to go see if I can find Ryeowook….” He mutters more to himself as he makes his hasty exit.

“Here’s your folder back.” Hankyung hands back as he holds his poker face steady. Siwon quietly takes it back, not bothering to check if the papers are all there. “You’re not going to see if everything‘s there?”

“Don’t need to.” Siwon simply says as he just stares at Hankyung. Silence falls uncomfortably around them as they continue to just stand there. When Hankyung moves to leave, Siwon speaks up, “You caused a lot of problems for me. You do realize that right?”

“A lot of problems really?” Hankyung finds himself asking as he stops in front of Siwon. “What kind of problems could I have put you through?”

“I almost lost my job because you stole everything right from underneath my nose. I’m pretty sure Jongwoon would have had my head for the way I treated Ryeowook when I got him to speak. And now I can’t think of anything else, but ways to punish you for what you’ve done.” Siwon slowly closes the distance between them. The small smile playing across Hankyung’s lips teases him.

“How can you punish me?” Hankyung sounds as if he doesn’t believe Siwon, but there’s something in his eyes that makes him wary. He watches closely as Siwon just simply smiles at him and moves in a little bit closer. He narrows his eyes suspiciously as he catches the thoughtfulness flicker across Siwon’s face.

Siwon says nothing as he tips Hankyung’s head back and kisses him. A small gasp is heard, but it’s nothing compared to the way Hankyung’s kissed with full emotion. He almost feels like a girl melting at the sensation of being kissed by Siwon. “We can go back to my office if you promise not to steal anything from it.” Siwon murmurs quietly as he pulls away. Hankyung hits him upside the head, but doesn’t say anything as he tugs Siwon towards the door to get out of there.

And that is my crazy long business!au SiHan fic.... xD I'm going to go collapse now! I wrote it differently and got tired of editing it about 3/4 of the way through. So if there's anything wrong with it I apologize in advance.

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Emily Nguyencrazylilazngirl on January 5th, 2010 03:48 am (UTC)
Emily Nguyen: Geng and Kyuhyuncrazylilazngirl on January 5th, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)
I love how half the names in this story are by me XD
Baoball XD
Zhong Won
*gets shot for that one*

“What the heck? Lee Hyukjae, is two boyfriends not enough for you?”
>D treesome smut~ X3

“Kyuhyun said that Kibum works the poor guy to exhaustion. They’re often found releasing stress through sex in the abandoned copy room.”

“I wouldn’t have to sleep at work if you weren’t so insatiable.” Hyukjae yawns as he pulls himself away from Kibum’s shoulder. “Seriously, are you always this way when you’re stressed? Because I think Donghae should be there when you’re like this. He’s just about as insatiable as you are when it comes to havin-“

“You’re making a delivery?” Kyuhyun asks with a small frown. “We didn’t order a stripper though. I specifically told Kibum no strippers because I know it spoils my appetite.”

“The abandoned copy room…” Kibum and Hyukjae state at the same as they watch the two leave.

MY FAVORITE LINES because I helped create them in some way XD

kittypoker on January 5th, 2010 06:58 pm (UTC)
You pretty much came up with all of the names that I needed to come up with.

Of course they're your favorite lines. Some of them are my favorite lines. I liked those lines. You did help create them while I sat there trying to write it. xD

<333 Oh ttal~ I love you~
Emily Nguyen: Geng and Kyuhyuncrazylilazngirl on January 5th, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
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Super long...

I don't think I'll be able to finish before I get kicked off the computer so,

kittypoker on January 5th, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)
It is really long... >.<;; But spot for you!
몰리 야tehgirlwonder on January 6th, 2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
(Late comment but...)
Oh how I loved this~

Seriously, I love long fics.
Been reading them since I was what,
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Zhou Mi as a delivery boy...
so cute~ >w<

EUNKIHAE! More of this pairing is needed~

Sparkly Ryeowook?
*bursts into fits of giggles*
kittypoker on January 7th, 2010 01:02 am (UTC)
I'm glad you loved it! ^^ I had fun writing it even though it was supposed to have smut... My brain failed at every point of possible smut scenes.

Gentleman MiMi~ He makes an awesome delivery boy! I like the imagery.

Well... I'm supposed to write side stories for ttal. A YehWook one, a QMi one, and a KiHaeHyuk one!

Yes~ Ryeowook sparkles~ Or he does when Yehsung stares at him.
J. Armstronggenisaurion on January 5th, 2010 04:46 am (UTC)
//ninjas a spot// XD
J. Armstronggenisaurion on January 5th, 2010 06:21 am (UTC)
Wowowow, such a long fic! (my favorite kinds).

I would read it twice to enjoy it again, but... it's so long T_T And I thought I wrote long (chaptered) fics. 5000 < 9000 o.O

I enjoyed the AU setting. I think it was developed neither too lightly (making it a mere setting) nor too in depth (making the technicality rather boring and hard to read through). Translation: It was just right //thinks of the three bears song o.O//

Definitely a good read. Well written, and I liked the ending XD
kittypoker on January 5th, 2010 07:16 pm (UTC)
It really is a long fic!

I was reading it over before I posted it and couldn't get through it again because it was so long. So you're not alone. xD ...And to think the 9000 is a oneshot! My chapters in fics end up being long too. I just can't think of how long because I don't check. All of them are in one document for said long chaptered fic. xD (That just means I sit there complaining how out of control the chaptered fic got though...xD)

I liked this AU setting too. It was fun to write. I was supposed to write the YehWook, but I ended up doing the SiHan instead. Who knows... Maybe I will write the YehWook just for fun. Or think of a different plot in this sort of AU setting. xD I'm glad it was just right for you! :D

Thank you for reading~
J. Armstronggenisaurion on January 6th, 2010 12:44 am (UTC)
Yeah, I have that same problem. I ramble on and on, sit and complain about it, but ramble on anyway o.O

Write the Yehwook!! XD I'm sure it would be great
kittypoker on January 6th, 2010 12:55 am (UTC)
You want me to write the YehWook? To this plot setting area? It would be interesting... I mean Yehsung was kind of weird when he got Ryeowook as a secretary... and how they kind of latched onto one another was interesting too...
J. Armstronggenisaurion on January 6th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC)
Ah, well, if you don't think it would work for this plot setting, then it's fine. If you wrote any Yehwook, I'd read it. Lols.
kittypoker on January 6th, 2010 01:16 am (UTC)
Well this started because I had a thought of Yehsung coming to work and finding Ryeowook as his secretary then bugging Kyuhyun because he has a new secretary.. So I may end up writing it. There's a big chance I will! ^^
J. Armstronggenisaurion on January 6th, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)
I'll be keeping an eye out for it

//watches the community XD//
kittypoker on January 6th, 2010 01:23 am (UTC)
It'll take me a little bit of time because I promised side stories to this anyways. 1 QMi, 1 KiHaeHyuk, and 1 YehWook... This is what happens when you have a bully for an lj daughter...
kittypoker on January 5th, 2010 07:03 pm (UTC)
That's awesome. You just ninja'd yourself a spot! :D
mister fish, did you die?tees2mai on January 5th, 2010 05:48 am (UTC)
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I'll be waiting! ^^
Bex!headless_bex on January 5th, 2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
kittypoker on January 5th, 2010 07:26 pm (UTC)
It really is long! Made me go what the heck!
Glad you liked it~ <3333
FollowUrDestiny: SiHanfollowurdestiny on January 5th, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)
I seriously love long fics and as said beforehand it was really long XD... but ♥

SiHan FTW! I loved the ending bit XD ...
The Qmi - lolz Zhoumi becoming a delivery boy XD
KiHyukHae...- threesome XD

kittypoker on January 5th, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you love long fics~ I tend to write long fics. xD

SiHan is fun! I love writing SiHan. Ah~ The ending is fun.
QMi~ I loved writing Zhoumi so much. And Kyuhyun to him.
KiHyukHae only happened because of ttal... If I said I wanted to do KiHae she would have been all D< at me.

(Deleted comment)
kittypoker on January 18th, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC)
Ah! I see! Thanks! I wasn't sure what it was and we talked about it for a little while and chose what I used. But thanks! It's nice to actually know that. :D

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reading.
lv_bratlv_brat on September 21st, 2011 09:14 pm (UTC)
Ooh interesting story and a great end, and yay to the Sihan XDD
Thank you!